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        Google SERPS in a state of flux

Google search results are swinging around widely a the moment which is good indicator of a major update in progress




Accuranker is a popular tool we use to monitor activity in the Search Results.

The dark orange coloumn in the graph shows a higher than usual amount of volatility, this suggest a significant update and that the rest of US and then European SERPS will be impacted in the coming days.  It suggests a significant update such as Penguin, but it could also be a test roll out ahead of a full one at a later point.   We’ll keep you updated!

Flux in the Serps


There are reports in the US of wild fluctuations in the Google Search Engine Results Placement (SERPS), when Google rolls out large algorithm updates they usually test it first in a single data center and then roll it out progressively.   If something is wrong this approach makes sense as less results are affected.  As Google has multiple data centers around the world arranged to be near to each of the markets, then this can lead to results appearing “to jump.”.

As of the 8th January we are seeing just that results being significantly different from one location and from one to data center to another.

A good thing to report is that some of our clients who were impacted by Penguin at the last update date back in October 2014 are now getting clear and their results are returning typically back to page #1 or #2.  The update of Penguin is very overdue and Google has been particularly unkind to business owners who got hit in 2014, cleaned up promptly and were then made to wait 16 months for recovery.  Still this is the reality we have to live with.

Google Penguin


Google Penguin is an algorithmic filter that was first introduced in April 2012, its purpose is to push down sites who have too many links from weak sites, or too many keyword rich links.  These stand out clearly when an analysis of a clients site is undertaken and phrases within the link profile is shown as a distribution graph.  The impact of the filter is to push a site down in the SERPS often by 8 or 10 pages., which of course destroys any real traffic the webmaster might have previously received from that page and phrase.

It also of course discourages webmasters from undertaking Search Marketing and instead rewards Google directly via its main income generating division Google Adwords.  Unfortunately its not been in Google’s interests to update the Penguin filter and so the pain to webmasters has increased and increased.

This latest update is different however in that Google has responded to the flax they have been taking from the webmaster community and announced a move to a rolling update, so links and disavow requests ( a method of disowning links you can not otherwise remove or get rid of) will be processed in near to real time.   This is a very welcome move as it allows clients to recover quickly from any penalty.


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